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Sports Publications and Resources

Sports Rules and Guidelines

The SOHI Sports Rules and Guidelines for each sport are available below. Sports Rules and Guidelines contain information on rules, events, equipment, uniforms, coaches and officials’ responsibilities, etc.

2018 Powerlifting SOHI Rules and Guidelines
2018 Softball SOHI Rules and Guidelines
2018 Swimming SOHI Rules and Guidelines
2018 Track and Field SOHI Rules and Guidelines

Coaching Guides

The Coaching Guides available below have been produced specifically with the Special Olympics Coach in mind. Sport-specific Coaching Guides are available in most sports. Quick Start Guides are a shortened version of the full Coaches Guides and provide quick and essential information. Non sport specific Coaches Guides are also available on many topics important to the Special Olympics Coach.

Summer Sports
Bocce Quick Start Guide
Soccer Quick Start Guide
Golf Quick Start Guide

Spring Sports
Softball-not currently available
Swimming Quick Start Guide
Track and Field
Track and Field Quick Start Guide

Fall Sports
Bocce Quick Start Guide
Basketball Quick Start Guide
Bowling Quick Start Guide

General Coaching Guides

Basics of Special Olympics
Basics of Coaching
Coaching Special Olympics Ahtletes
Athlete Nutrition, Safety & Fitness
Preparing the Athlete for Competition
Principles of Coaching
Sport Safety and Risk Management
The Coaching Team



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