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How Your Gift Helps

For a Special Olympics athlete, a finish line is just the beginning. Through sports, athletes learn motivation, discipline, and hard work. They build confidence and skills to succeed in sports and in life.

Just think what that will mean for someone like Renee Manfredi. While attending school, Renee often felt alone, misunderstood, and left out though she tried to "fit in.

Renee has been active in Special Olymypics and recently attended one of our Global Messenger training sessions for athletes to develop public speaking skills. Her mother, Michelle, had this to say: "So many opportunities pass Renee by. Not fitting in has been our burden to bare. The fellowship among Special Olympics is welcoming.
Just one ally can make all the difference in the world."

Special Olympics transforms lives like Renee's every day. But for every athlete, there are 48 more people with intellectual disabilities whom we have not yet reached. We want to give more people a chance to "fit in," succeed, to hear cheers, to experience joy.



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